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Deathgarden – New game from Dead by Daylight devs

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Deathgarden – New game from Dead by Daylight devs

Behaviour Digital, developers of Dead by Daylight, has announced that their next game will be an asymmetrical shooter called Deathgarden.

The trailer is brief and gives some detail as to what kind of game Deathgarden will be. We see a masked figure captive in some kind of stockade in the middle of a wooded area. Eventually, the camera cuts to a heavily armored paramilitary-esque figure brandishing a big gun. Behaviour has mentioned that Deathgarden will be a 5-v-1 shooter where hunters team up to capture and kill agile runners in a “spectacular dystopian bloodsport”. The game will be playable on the PAX East show floor.

Check out the Trailer:

Deathgarden is described as a 5v1 multiplayer shooter where “powerful hunters prey on agile runners in a spectacular dystopian bloodsport.” Err…neat. Given that details on the game are incredibly sparse at this time, it’s not entirely clear just how this system will work. Based on the initial trailer, though, we get the impression that the one might be the hunter and that the five might be the runners. However, we will confirm that information as soon as we learn more about the game.

The bloodsport description is particularly interesting in that we’ve seen some recent Battle Royale games capitalize on the basic concept of a bloodsport type set-up, but few actually implement the idea that the sport itself is being done for entertainment or recreation. Again, we’re eager to see whether or not that is the case in Deathgarden.

Deathgarden will be available at PAX East, so we should be able to bring you much more information about the game at that time. For now, though, you can sign-up for Deathgarden’s closed PC alpha. There’s no word on when that test will go live, but as usual, not everyone who enters it will be able to join.

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