It’s been 5 years since Hideo Kojima released a mysterious demo of its upcoming game, Silent Hills. Playable Teaser, which is known as PT, was the first clue for a strange project by director of Metal Gear Solid series, which apparently canceled by Konami but the community believes that Death Stranding is somehow has the legacy of Silent Hills in its blood. However, it seems that finally fans will be able to jump into the game till the end of this year, as the game reaching some important steps in its development process.

According to a recent tweet by head of marketing and communication at Kojima Productions Aki Satio, Death Stranding is traversing a “key time in the development” and “Hideo Kojima is playing the game on PS4” everyday in order to make essential adjustments. Satio also mentioned that “Deaths Stranding is not in its debugging stage” but the is “combing all the game elements formed in the development tools into the game.”

Death Stranding revealed at E3 2016 as a PS4 exclusive game and it has received 5 trailers so far, teasing different parts and aspects of the game but still no official statement has been released for the story or gameplay itself.

Tonight, Sony will be streaming its new show called State of Play, in which we are going to see new trailers and announcements for Sony’s current gen console and maybe we get even more surprised by receiving new details on PS5.

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