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Mama from Death Stranding
Mama from Death Stranding

Death Stranding – Riveting and Confusing New Trailers

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This week at Gamescom, Death Stranding received a handful of new trailers which included never before seen gameplay and new details on characters. The trailers look at the two characters Deadman and Mama. Like every new Death Stranding trailer, they leave you with more questions than answers. 

Gameplay Trailer

The first Death Stranding trailer is only about 6 minutes long, but offered some interesting insight on the game. The gameplay trailer opens with Sam (Norman Reedus) napping with his BB. He wakes up, urinates (yes that’s right, you can control when your character goes to the bathroom in this game), and carries on to deliver a package to the ‘Ludens Fan’. After dropping off the package, Sam walks off a cliff and has to play a lullaby to calm his screaming BB. The short demo ends with Sam continuing on down the mountain. In terms of content, there wasn’t a lot. I think it was a safe play to show just a little bit of gameplay, instead of a full hour. This game is so story driven that showing too much could ruin some of the fun once we finally get to play it.

Deadman Character Trailer

This trailer opens with Sam trying to find Deadman, a character based on Guilleromo Del Toro. Sam seems to be in a bit of a rush and is asking for Deadmans help. Sam is told to put his BB into an incubator, and is also told that his BB should sync to its mother to relieve it’s temporary excessive stress. Deadman begins to go into more confusing details about the connections between BB’s, BT’s, still mothers, and the main character. The trailer leaves you a little confused, but very interested in what’s to come. Although the trailer was short, it grabbed my attention after a few seconds in. I think that can be credited to the voice acting. It’s safe to say that the voice acting in this game will be phenomenal. The game has brought in some amazing voice actors, such as Norman Reedus (Sam) and Jesse Corti (Deadman). A story as detailed and convoluted as this needs the right people to voice it and deliver it correctly.

Mama Character Trailer

If you thought the other trailers were weird or confusing, wait until you see this one. It opens with a BT crawling on the ceiling, which scares the hell out of Sam. Mama comes in and tells Sam it’s all right, then proceeds to mimic breastfeeding for the BT. Yup, Mama gets the BT, an invisible ghost baby, and nurses it. That’s a little freaky, but may make more sense with more context. I’m curious to know why BT’s and BB’s have umbilical cords, why they are invisible and why Sam is scared of them. Hopefully, all will be explained once we have the game in our hands and finally have a chance to play this long awaited title.

Death Stranding will release on November 8th, 2019 for the PS4. For more information on Death Stranding, click here.

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