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Death Stranding
Death Stranding

Death Stranding New Trailer Sheds Some Light on Heartman

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Hideo Kojima and Nicolas Winding Refn made an appearance during a panel at San Diego Comic Con 2019 a few days ago. The two directors talked about their good relationship that led into a collaboration on Death Stranding, Kojima’s upcoming title and brand new IP after decades of work on Metal Gear Solid series. During the panel, we get to know more about Refn’s character in the game, Heartman, who tends to die every 21 minutes and resurrect again after 3 minutes. To be more accurate, these details were shown within a trailer, and now the trailer is available to watch on internet.

The new video doesn’t last as long as the previous trailers of Death Stranding, buy yet again, it provides quite a bit of information on Heartman and his discussion with Sam, played by Norman Reedus. The trailer kicks-off with Heartman getting resurrected, probably in his own room within the Bridges organization. As he comes back to life, the digital window behind him shows the snowy weather of the outside and his hourglass that was filled with a black liquid turns to a typical hourglass by his touch.

After Heartman gets revived again, thanks to the device on his chest, he continues his discussion with Sam, mentioning that it the first time that they are meeting each other face to face and it might be a little strange for Sam to see his friend dies in between of their talk.

Although Heartman dies every 21 minutes, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by the problem, as he admits that most of the things he wants to do is accessible within the aforementioned period, except for sleeping. He has also collected a huge amount of movies, books and music that can be finished within 21 minutes. Here you can check it out yourself:

While the trailer revealed some basic info on Heartman’s way of life, we still don’t know what’s he exactly doing at Bridges and where his discussion with Sam is going to end in. it’s officially the seventh trailer that we’ve got on Death Stranding but still there are numerous unanswered questions about the game’s story.

Death Stranding will be launched on November 8 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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