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Death Stranding
Death Stranding

Death Stranding Might Feature an Option for Sleeping

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Most of the developers usually tend to share some gorgeous 4K screenshots from their games to show-off the visuals in the best way possible, but Hideo Kojima, as usual, has got a pretty different idea when it comes to sharing new details on Death Stranding. As he has done it several times before, the director likes to share off-screen images from his under-development title to firstly show the game, secondly show what he’s doing, and finally provide us a glimpse on his desk, figures and studio.

According to the latest images from Death Stranding that showed up in Kojima’s Twitter account, we assume that sleeping will be an option in the game probably to take a break and restore your energy. Based on the shots shared by Kojima, we can spot Sam on the ground while he is tired enough to be asleep.

The more hints on the guess come from Kojima’s captions on the images that read “Resting” in the first and “Getting Sleepy” in the second. While we have no clue on how sleeping would work in Death Stranding, the most initial guess is to take it as a way to gain energy and probably wait for a specific time to continue your journey in post-apocalyptic-like America. However, in the dangerous lands that are filled with BTs, sleeping on the ground couldn’t be out of risk.

Death Stranding is set to be released on November 8 for PS4.

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