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Sam in Death Stranding
Sam in Death Stranding

Death Stranding Is Going to Be Something We’ve Never Ever Seen Before, Says Mikkelsen

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With 2019 reaching the end of the road, Sony has got a few chances not to end this year with another ground-breaking PS4-exclusive title. Now that Days Gone has missed the chance with its mediocre scores at launch, Death Stranding is the only hope for the company to have a strong nominee amongst all the best of this year. Regarding the huge marketing campaign around Death Stranding since its announcement in 2016, it would be an epic fail for both Sony and Kojima to lost such an opportunity. Having said that, Mads Mikkelsen’s new interview with a Russian website assures us about the game’s big scope on both development and final vision.

We all know Kojima’s Death Stranding is going to be the first title in Social Strand System, as the director says, but we are still concerned with how the new genre is going to work and would it make a huge blast like Battle Royale or not? When Mikkelsen was asked about the game, he described it as a mind-blowing piece of entertainment that we’ve never seen before, calling Kojima as the Godfather of creating new things.

According to Mikkelsen, Death Stranding will be impressive in both graphics and the content within. Based on his motion capture experience at Kojima Productions, it features a gigantic storyboard in every shot in the scene. Interestingly, the actors themselves don’t know much about the story and where it would’ve end, regarding that the players’ choices will shape up the results in different ways.

Furthermore, Mikkelsen explained his role in Death Stranding clarifying that Cliff is more than just a simple antagonist in the game and as you progress, you will learn more about the characters in the game.

Death Stranding will be available on November 8th exclusively for PS4.

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Source: WCCFTech

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