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Fragile in Death Stranding
Fragile in Death Stranding

Death Stranding Has No Game Over Screen

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It seems as time passes, more directors behind video games are convinced to get rid of Game Over screen in their titles. While David Cage has been one of the first fighters against Game Over screen, recently, CD Projekt RED and Hideo Kojima have joined him as well, with both Cyberpunk 2077 and Death Stranding featuring no Game Over message.

According to a recent interview by Famitsu, Hideo explained more about his upcoming game, especially on what happens after you die in the game. In Death Stranding, there won’t be any Game Over and Restart button, but instead, you will be transitioned into an alternative world called the Ocean Space. During the time you are in Ocean Space, the main world of the game will change and the time will pass. Once you find your blood and equipment in the alternative reality, you will be able to come back to the earth and continue your journey, though we don’t know yet how dying will affect your health and gears.

On the other hand, if you die because of a BT attack, there will be some differences. In this case, in addition to getting into Ocean Space, your death will leave a huge crater on the area, which causes the whole structures in the zone to disappear. Craters could be repaired and come back to their first form with Timefall rain. If you cause a crater on the map, it will only be visible for you, not other players. For learning more about Ocean Space and Craters, you better watch the trailer below from 5:30 to the end:

Death Stranding has gone gold a few weeks ago and it’s ready to be launched on November 8 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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Source: SegmentNext

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