Death Stranding

Death Stranding Gets New Off-Screen Images

Hideo Kojima, the director behind Death Stranding, still keeps sharing new images from the gameplay and still keeps having that mysterious atmosphere in his shots before the release of the last trailer for the game.

Death Stranding finally found a release date over a week ago and now all eyes on Sony to reveal a full lengthy gameplay of the game, explaining most of the key features in gameplay that shapes up the newly born Social Stranding genre in video game industry that seems to get invented by Hideo Kojima.

After the release of last trailer for DS, Kojima talked more on his Twitter account about the game, its genre and characters. Recently, he shared two new off-screen images from the gameplay that shows Sam Porter from Bridges organization in different locations while carrying his backpacks that nobody knows what vital things are in it. Here you can check out the new shots:

Death Stranding will be coming on November 8 exclusively on PS4, however, some rumors are pointing out that the game will be coming to PC after 6 or 12 months, since the box art doesn’t feature “Only on PlayStation” tag.

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