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Death Stranding
Death Stranding

Death Stranding: Kojima Talks About Using Decima Engine

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Death Stranding: Kojima Talks About Using Decima Engine

Last week At PlayStation Experience, Hideo Kojima confirmed that Kojima Productions partnered with Killzone developer Guerrilla Games to use its Decime engine for Death Stranding.

Now, Kojima has shared some details about that partnership. Across a series of tweets (via DualShockers), Kojima likened this to the Cold War space race take a look at what he said:

“The space development competition has been stagnated after the Cold War. Due to the steep rise in price of space development cost, the investment for the earth has been strengthened and they gave up on the space shuttle program.
Meanwhile I who wants to proceed myself to the moon, met the guerrilla whose plan was to go to the mars.
We decided to make the rocket by reforming their engine. And by doing so it enables us to go to the mars but even to the jupiter.”

During the PSX panel announcing the partnership, Guerrilla boss Hermen Hulst said the Decima engine has taken a “quantum leap” forward in the past few years to get it ready for this project. Kojima added that he “had a very good feeling” about Guerrilla after meeting with the team.

There was a reference to the engine’s ability to handle an open-world game, though that doesn’t necessarily indicate Death Stranding will be open-world. Kojima also confirmed the second trailer was running in real-time on a PS4 Pro.

For more information visit the source.

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