Dead Rising 4 ‘Black Friday’ Cinematic Trailer

Dead Rising 4 ‘Black Friday’ Cinematic Trailer

A new cinematic for Dead Rising 4 has hit the internet, filled with all the zombie-filled holiday fun you would expect, an exploding Teddy bear and more!

In the new trailer, fans are introduced to Dead Rising 4 in beautiful, graphic-novel inspired cinematic. As a haunting rendition of “Oh Christmas Tree” slowly oozes through the brief video, we see the Willamette Mall—first as crazed deal hunters pack outside it, looking to take part in the seasonal deals, and then later as zombies terrorize the scene, devouring brains in traditional zombie fashion. If anyone ever thought the metaphors in the Dead Rising series were obscure or delicate, they were misinformed.

Dead Rising 4 is due out for Xbox One and PC on December 6.

Check out the Trailer:

“The trailer gives fans an idea of the status of the town of Willamette, Colorado in the days prior to the outbreak. Then the eventual reveal of the mall and the ill-timed Black Friday sale that led to the outbreak. The game will take place of course during the holidays and you can expect to see a lot of colorful Christmas decorations and themed weapons built by Frank.

Unlike previous entries in the franchise, there will be no timer that looms over the player. The game will still offer an open-world setting which will not only include the mall, but some of the town outside of it.”

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