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DayZ Will Get a Full Launch on Xbox One This Month

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DayZ, the zombie-killing survival game set in a post-Soviet era, finally leaves Xbox Game Preview to get it’s first full and completed version on Microsoft’s console.

During the latest Inside Xbox, Bohemia Interactive announced that DayZ Version 1.0 will launch on Xbox One on March 27. The studio celebrated the full version release with showing a cinematic trailer of the game that gives you a dramatic look at the world of DayZ. You can check out the video below:

Although the game will get a full launch, still there is no PS4 version around and Bohemia has stayed tight-lipped on release of the game for Sony’s platform.

Announcing in 2012 for PC, it took a long time for DayZ to get out of early access status on both Xbox and PC platforms, but now it seems finally fans will be able to experience an improved version of the game in terms of rendering and inventory performances, according to Bohemia Interactive.

At the time being, full version of Dayz on Steam costs you 45$ while on Xbox Game Preview you’ll be charged 40$, but it remains unknown whether we’ll see an increase on game’s price or not on March 27.

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