If you take a look at all PS4 exclusive games so far, it’s obvious that most of them did a pretty good job in terms of both sales and critics. Although there are strong rumors pointing Sony will start next generation by the end of 2019, five big PS4 exclusive games still remain with no exact release date, except Days Gone. The post-apocalyptic zombie-killing game that has gone gold recently and we are pretty sure that on April 26 the game will be available for all the players.

Following the ending of development process of the game, Community Manager at Bend Studio David Lee, appeared on a youtube channel show to talk about the progression of the game from the day of announcement at E3 2016 till now. Lee answered a couple of questions about different features of gameplay and how they are going to work together to provide an enjoyable experience for players. He also talked about the Freakers and the best way to wipe them out. In other part of the interview, Lee appreciated Sony for the time and budget that supplied by the Japanese company for developing Days Gone.

Aside from explaining different aspects of gameplay, David Lee also revealed that Days Gone will receive a story-driven DLC after launch. He didn’t give so much information on post-launch content, but he said it will let you know more about the characters and what they have done in the past.

We have unannounced DLC but we cannot tell you about it yet. So keep an eye out for that. With the main story, it should be sufficient enough to tell you the characters’ backstories that make you care for them one way or another.

It still remains a mystery that which character would be the main focus of DLC and when it will be available. Days Gone is set to be released on April 26 exclusively on PS4. You can check out the full interview video here:

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