Uncharted Collection Adding All 5 Games To PC – Rumor

A post on ResetEra has seemed to leak that an Uncharted Collection will be coming to the PC before the end of the year. Previously Sony had leaked (and then confirmed) that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End would be making the journey onto PC. Now it looks like it will not just be that game but ALL the games.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

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This image appears to be of a scheduled post for PlayStations Official Twitter account, stating that the games will be coming to both the Steam and Epic Store. It also states in the small text on the bottom that the games will be arriving on December 7, 2021.

The tweet itself appears to be scheduled for September 6, at 10 AM. While no timezone is given, the account is based in California making this most likely PST. This means we should know if this is accurate before the end of the week. There is always the possibility they will simply release the post now that the surprise is out there.

This collection will include all the main games that have appeared on PlayStation home consoles. This is the PlayStation 3 titles Drakes Fortune, Among Thieves, Drakes Deception, and the PlayStation 4 titles A Theif’s End, and The Lost Legacy.

The first four titles follow the character, Nathan Drake, as he travels the world hunting valuable treasures, many relating to famed explorer Francis Drake. The last one in the list began life as DLC for A Theif’s End and follows the fan-favorite supporting character, Chloe Frazer as she goes on her own adventure. The collection does not seem to feature the PlayStation Vita launch title The Golden Abyss.

Sony has stated that moving forward the PC market will be a bigger part of their strategy. As such, moving one of their most popular franchises onto said market feels like a pretty obvious move. Hopefully, we will learn more soon.

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