Dauntless Will Be Coming on May 21; Another EGS Exclusive Title

Dauntless will finally come out of early access phase to release as a fully completed game this month only on Epic Games Store. According to the developers Dauntless will be available on the store as of May 21st. Thanks to the game’s early access phase, it now has more than 3 million gamers and more is to come in the following week. As Phoenix Labs studio clarified, there are still no plans to release the game on Steam.

Dauntless is a third-person action game in which players start a battle in co-op teams against giants and monsters that are called Behemoths. As a slayer in the game, you have plenty of weapons, skills and abilities to use in fight against the enemies. Besides, with the game launching officially, new updates will arrive to overhaul the experience with lots of new contents and features in gameplay.

Along with gameplay features, players will also be able to play reworked campaign with tons of new updates and changes that will imply a totally new experience to the both former players and newcomers to Dauntless. Crafting and questing systems, skills, achievements, weapons’ upgrades and new rewards are part of these massive newly added contents that will be available next Tuesday.

Along with PC, the game will also hit PS4 and Xbox One, nearly one year after starting its open beta launch in 2018. Checkout the following trailer if you haven’t seen so much of Dauntless thus far.

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