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Darksiders Genesis Receives Mayhem Mode and More

For players who didn’t think their first playthrough of Darksiders Genesis was difficult enough, the new update is introducing Mayhem mode along with some other minor tweaks and fixes. This well received spin-off of the Darksiders series has been getting a good amount of support since release, and at this rate, it will be the best version of itself by the time it releases for Xbox One, PS4, and Switch on Valentine’s Day 2020.

This new Mayhem mode has been added for people who need something a little more difficult than Hard mode, but a little easier than Apocalyptic. Mayhem’s damage multiplier rate is 250%, health is 200%, and special ammo drop rate gets reduced by 10%. This mode is for use on a person’s first playthrough since Apocalyptic mode is only available after completing the game once.

With this update came some balancing changes for each of the difficulty modes. There were no changes for Normal mode, but the overall multiplier for Easy mode went from 80% down to 75%. In Hard mode, the damage multiplier went from 120% to 150%, health went from 120% to 140%, and special ammo drop rate got reduced by 5%. Lastly, Apocalyptic mode has its damage multiplier go from 750% to 1000%, health from 750% to 800%, and special ammo drop rate got reduced by 20%.

The other big change is players can change the game’s speed while in single player or split screen co-op. If the game felt too slow or fast, or if the player wants to make the game even more difficult for themselves, the overall speed of the game can be adjusted in the game menu.

More details of the patch notes can be found on the game’s Steam page. For those playing Darksiders Genesis on PC or Stadia, it’s time to get in there and try these new features out. For those waiting for the game on console, this an more will be ready upon the game’s release next year.

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