Darkfall: Rise of Agon Free Trial Extended Until November 1st

It was announced today by developer Big Picture Games that Autumn Free Trial has been extended until November 1st. Also activated some Halloween items.

The latest patch includes a new enchanting mechanic, Imbued Gems. Players can take any gem found in the world and imbue them with magical enchants at any Enchanting station. The enchanted gem can then be placed on any equipment that is able to be enchanted. Players no longer need to enchant gear and weapons, they can now craft enchants and buy them, sell them or use them yourself. This opens up more freedom for the player as well as new market items for the economy.

Check this video showing the best Darkfall: Rise of Agon features down below:

“Other Patch Notes Include

Halloween items enabled which include the Pumpkin, Broom, and Skeleton Hand
Players no longer can drink Nectar of the Gods potions while buffed or debuffed
Scribing now levels the skill Industry
Players can no longer read on a mount
Weapon books now raise the appropriate attributes as well
Papyrus has a new model
Sithra sub-skills can now be bought and scrolls can be crafted
Increased gold rewards on all starter quests in starter areas
Crafting stations can now be seen on the minimap with icons!
Reduced magnitude on begone and come hither.”

For more information about the free trial check Darkfall official website.

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