Darkfall Rise of Agon: Autumn Sale Kickoff

Deveolper Big Picture Games announced today the start of Autumn Sale which goes into effect immediately. Not only has each Founder Pack and all pack upgrades had their prices reduced, but each one has been enhanced as well, providing either additional gametime or Nithron Coins to be used towards future store items. Developers also announced a free trial which will last until the server maintenance of Monday, October 24th. This provides players the chance to try out Darkfall: Rise of Agon at no cost.

Darkfall: Rise of Agon is an open world sandbox MMO with player controlled empire building and politics, action based first person PVP combat with full loot, and naval warfare on the open seas. Battle with thousands of players with weapons and armor crafted by players. Work to build cities, siege engines and over 25 naval ships.

Check this video down below:

“As of this post we have officially kicked-off our free trial which will last until the server maintenance of Monday, October 24th. This provides you with the chance to try out Darkfall: Rise of Agon at no cost to you, whether this is the first time you have heard of Darkfall or you are curious what has changed since Closed Beta started. Head over to our Patch Notes blog to catch up on all of the latest updates including enhancements to character progression, our new scroll crafting system, new UI and quality of life mechanics and much more!

There is also a newly launched Quick Start Guide for any of you new to the game so you can quickly learn some of the basics and have some useful links to start your journey with. Go and take a look while you download the game client, it could save your life!

Our Video Production Lead and the marketing team have also been cooking up our new “What is Darkfall: Rise of Agon?” video that is now featured on our website. Many of you may recognize the theme and music of this video from a fanmade video of old, and we wanted to capture some of those memories in a version of our own. After some searching we found the original composer, Gregory Bakay, who graciously granted us the use of his music. We would like to thank Gregory for allowing us to use his track “For the Last Time” as well as all of you in the community who helped create some of the footage used!”

Supporter Packs

Now receive 30 days of Early Access

Price reduced by 25% to $14.95

Hero Packs

Now receive 100 Nithron Coins ($10 value)

Price reduced by 30% to $34.95

Legend Packs

Now receive 300 Nithron Coins ($30 value)

Price reduced by 40% to $59.95

The new Nithron Coins included now in Hero and Legend Packs will be the currency used to purchase game time, in-game services such as race changes, and eventually cosmetics when the updated store goes live in a few months before official launch. All current pack holders will have these new benefits tied to their account, with no further purchase necessary.”

For more information check the developer’s website.