Dark Souls III ‘Ash Seeketh Embers’ Launch Trailer

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls III ‘Ash Seeketh Embers’ Launch Trailer

The fresh Dark Souls 3 launch trailer is entitled “Ash Seeketh Ember,” and it sets a properly elegiac mood by using the singer and songwriter Hozier’s tune, “In The Woods Somewhere” for its soundtrack. As a matter of fact, considering the game’s director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has said that the third entry will more than likely be the end of the series, the whole air of finality imbued within the video is extremely pertinent.

As seen in the video, there’s plenty of gameplay footage to salivate over, as well as a lot of the action-RPG’s bleak, yet beautiful environments. Naturally, though, simply watching clips of a title’s action playing out online is no substitute for taking part in the game itself or doing research on it.

Check out the Trailer:


“Apparently Dark Souls III on PC suffers from a few bugs, some of which make the game unplayable. One of the worst bugs brings a game crash when players approach the first bonfire. Even if a player manages to make it past the first bonfire, the game crashes at Firelink Shrine and sometimes the game just crashes because it feels like it.”

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