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Uppers ‘Daidoji’ gameplay video, included free as a first-print bonus

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Uppers ‘Daidoji’ gameplay video, included free as a first-print bonus

Senran Kagura producer Kenichiro Takaki’s Uppers recently got a new release date of July 14, and in addition to a lower price, it’s been announced that Daidoji from Senran Kagura will appear in the upcoming PS Vita brawler.

The second demo for Uppers will also be available starting March 31, and they’re also having a campaign that will let you get the digital version for cheaper if you play the demo.

It was also revealed that Daidoji from the Senran Kagura series will join as a guest. They say that it remains a mystery as to how she got there, as it could be from simply traveling around the world for training, somehow jumped through a space-time portal, or she simply got lost. In any case, she finds herself in Last Resort Island, and she’ll enjoy the battles that are going on in the island.

Uppers is due out for PS Vita in Japan on July 14, 2016

Check out the Trailer:

“Included free as a first-print bonus, Daidoji is in the middle of her world warrior training when she leaps through space and time, and ends up on Last Resort Island, where she’ll be able to freely enjoy battles.”

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