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Dad Quest Receives a Timely Update This Father’s Day

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Dad Quest Receives a Timely Update This Father’s Day

Just in time for Father’s Day, Dad Quest will receive its first major content update! As promised, a new playable character, Fem Dad, takes centre stage in this update. She’s lean, mean, and one hell of a Dad! The entirety of Dad Quest will now be available to play as Fem Dad!

As well as this main new feature, developers Sundae Month have been hard at work to polish the already-existing Dad Quest content. Various upgrades will debut, including the following:

  • New models for enemy pigeons.
  • New art asset for the Gravel, which acts as currency in Dad Quest.
  • Updated tutorial to reflect some new content.
  • New levelling system for the Child. Throwing your Child through buildings now levels them up.
  • Updated Desert Dungeon, visually, with more decorations.
  • Healing system tweaked.
  • Level progression has been updated to be a little more forgiving, but still difficult.
  • Exp has been removed. Everything is now purchased with Gravel.
  • Enemies now deal damage on contact.
  • Toys are now more of a focus for Children.

Fight formidable enemies, such as pigs and eggs, by using your child as a weapon! Upgrade using the child’s skill tree, enhance your throwing damage, and even unlock new abilities, such as extending your child to use as a sword.

In order to keep updated on Dad Quest, players and the press alike should add the game to their Steam wishlist, which will make them the first to hear of new blogs and updates on Dad Quest.

Check out the Trailer:

A Child longs to soar through the sky with the grace of an eagle! But alone they lack the technique to truly fly. Only you (The Dad) posses the throwing arm required to help nurture a Child to become the weapon it was always meant to be. Dad Quest combines the 2D action platformer genre with some familiar mechanics found inside RPG games to create an interesting world to explore filled with comedy and a dash of charm.

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