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Jakob from Cyberpunk 2077 sitting on a chair
Jakob from Cyberpunk 2077 sitting on a chair

Cyberpunk 2077 New Screenshot Shows an Angry Man in Front of Your Bullets

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After the epic appearance of Keanu Reeves on E3 2019 stage, and showcasing a jaw-dropping cinematic trailer for Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt RED started to tease us more on the game by sharing new arts and screenshots from the upcoming action RPG. A few days ago, we got an screenshot showcasing an armed guard in front a luxury car and two other girls, and now we’ve received another shot which shows your automatic heavy gun in-action.

The new screenshot for Cyberpunk 2077 is intense. Why your assault rifle is firing, there’s a billboard in front of you that either has torn apart by V’s bullets or thanks to the hammer of the angry man standing in front of you. This handsome guy doesn’t seem to be a friendly man, regarding his blood look and heavy hammer. However, it seems V’s bullets haven’t been effective enough, as the man isn’t even bleeding.

Aside from what the image tries to show-off, the graphics, especially lighting, looks incredible. Although the quality of texture for some of the billboard’s parts on the ground could be more realistic, the game still seems eye-catching.

In other news, some details recently shared on Cyberpunk 2077 which revealed the New Game Plus mode inclusion at launch. Also, the game will be present at Gamescom 2019 with a gameplay showcase exclusively for attendees.

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