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Cyberpunk 2077 and Another AAA Game from CDPR Will Be Released Till 2021

At the time being, Cyberpunk 2077 is the main project that CDPR is working on, but its not the only thing that they are focused on. Although their upcoming open-world RPG has done a great job in raising our hype level to the top, but the Polish studio has another surprise for you that might be unveiled near to 2021.

While Cyberpunk 2077 after 7 years of developing process still has no exact release date, the studio behind the game revealed that an unknown amount of developers are working on an unannounced game that will be available some time during the next 2 years. Donata Poplawska, moderator at CDPR, teased this new project:

As for the strategy of the CD PROJEKT Capital Group for the years 2016-2021, plans for the release of the second AAA game until 2021 remain unchanged. We are currently focusing on the production and promotion of Cyberpunk, so we do not want to comment on further projects.

CD Project Red has already confirmed that they won’t leave The Witcher franchise forever and there will be further games set in its rich world, but the following entries in the series won’t feature Geralt of Rivia as their main protagonist. So, whatever it is, the new project won’t be a sequel to any of the studio’s recent IPs.

Aside from what the next project could be, its important that when it is going to be announced by the Polish studio. E3 2019 seems so early for introducing a new game, while we don’t know so much of Cyberpunk 2077 yet. So it might take more than one year to finally find out what is the next title of the studio.

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