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Cube Life: Island Survival HD

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Cube Life: Island Survival HD

Cypronia, an indie game developer, is proud to announce that HD version of its successful Nintendo eShop game, “Cube Life: Island Survival” is currently in development for PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Cube Life: Island Survival is the first and most successful sandbox game for the Nintendo Wii U, created by a true “Nindie” developer. It was #1 best-selling game in Europe, #2 in America and #3 in Japan (TOP20 CHARTS).

Check out the Trailer:

“Technical features:
It is a block building open-world game, so you can do whatever you want, and you can play how you want to play. We wanted to bring the feeling to the player, as if they are actually stranded on a real island. We put a lot of energy into the visuals like realistic graphical effects—for example, water reflections, sunbeams, day/night cycles, dawn and sunset to create the realistic atmosphere of an actual deserted island.

Currently we have almost 200 items and counting! Gathering resources is a key element to survival. It allows you to craft weapons like swords, axes, and long bows for hunting and fighting. Resources also allow you to build cottages and houses to hide in. Players can also create boats to travel in and much, much more!

We have many ideas that we want to discuss with active players before we implement them into the game. We plan to listen to feedback & ideas from the Nintendo community (Miiverse + Facebook + Twitter + Web + NintendoLife Forums). Our plan is to support the game with several updates for all of 2015 and possibly more. With valuable help from the Nintendo community, the game will keep getting better and better!

Final words:
Our goal is create the best block building open-world sandbox game for Nintendo platforms. PC, Xbox, Playstation, and even smartphones, all have Minecraft. Nintendo players deserve to have something truly special, too—to have their own game.
We can get inspired by the best ideas from the existing competition, but we really want to go our own way… In the same way Nintendo makes their own path.

Anyway, we will not disappoint the Nintendo community like the UCraft developers did. Every decision we make and every new feature we plan to include, we will consult with Nintendo directly to avoid a big mess and empty promises to our players. We know how to provide updates, we know the Wii U and the eShop limits, and we know what is possible to do. UCraft developers prefer to blame Nintendo for its policies, but we think this is more about their inexperience rather than Nintendo’s policies. Nintendo has created great hardware and has provided perfect support for their developers and we will not make similar mistakes.”

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