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Crytek and Improbable to Co-Develop a New AAA Game

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Crytek and Improbable to Co-Develop a New AAA Game

Crysis and Far Cry developer Crytek has just announced that they are working with Improbable to develop a new AAA game. Crytek will work Improbable to create a fully-featured SpatialOS Game Development Kit for CRYENGINE for upcoming titles.

Crytek seems to be amazed by Mavericks : Proving Grounds, created by CRYENGINE developer Automaton and featuring SpatialOS this battle royale game will feature up to 1000-players at the same time.

Read below a message shared by Crytek:

We’re proud to partner with Improbable, but we want it to be the start of something bigger. We want to work with other technologists, tool makers, and developer services to create a best-in-class and ever-improving experience. If you share our vision, please reach out to us, so we can build a better age of online games and virtual worlds together.

Crytek’s partnership with Improbable is based on a shared set of values. Developers using our technology should always be at the center of our thoughts. We want to make it easier for developers to create the groundbreaking games of tomorrow.

Both companies are committed to working together for developers and to making statements that you can rely on. We are committing to respect for developer choice and interoperability between platforms, software, and services.

This is all in service of a simple principle: developers come first. And developers do their best work when they are free to choose from the best range of tools.

We’re doing this for one reason: we love games and game development. We’re excited about the possibilities for developers offered by SpatialOS and its next-generation multiplayer gameplay. And, with that in mind, we’re excited to announce that Improbable and Crytek will be working together on a new AAA game together, built using CRYENGINE and SpatialOS.

Crytek joins Epic Games and Improbable in reaffirming a commitment to give developers the best combination of engine and games technology, and this partnership will deliver awesome games, but what would you like this technology to being implemented? Leave your comment in the comment section down below, and keep it tuned to Gaming Instincts for more updates from Crytek.

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