Crows: Burning Edge Launches for PS4 October 27 in Japan

Crows: Burning Edge Launches for PS4 October 27 in Japan

Crows : Burning Edge  will relive your experience as Harumichi Boya, a newly transferred high school sophomore at Suzuran All-Boys High School. Wits and endurance are the only school supplies necessary. Tests are taken on the battlefield, and only those left standing pass.

Crows : Burning Edge was announced September last year by Bandai Namco. Based on the information from online store such as Amazon Japan & Rakuten, they revealed that the release date for the game is on October 27.

The only version confirmed seems to be the PlayStation 4, although at the time of the announcement had been confirmed also a portable edition for the PlayStation Vita (now canceled).

Check out the Trailer:

“Here’s Amazon’s description of the game:

  • The story of the Crows is newly resurrected on PlayStation 4.
    Set in Toarushi, where rival warlords defend their turf. Experience the fierce fighting action of The Big Four.
  • Main the protagonist, Suzuran High School student Harumichi Bouya, and relive the original story from the perspectives of the four people standing atop each faction.
  • Freely customize your fashion and battle style, and aim to become the strongest and most supreme man.
  • The game features an original “Another Story” supervised by Hiroshi Takahashi, the original author of Crows.”

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