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Criminal Girls 2 Coming West in September

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Criminal Girls 2 Coming West in September

In Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors, you again help seven Delinquents find their way through the Reformation Program to help break them from the seven deadly sins by battling through the Hell Spire. This time, however, one Delinquent isn’t who she claims to be. As you play, you have to learn more about each heroine and discover her sin, all while going through touchscreen mini-games and using the Coaching system to send them down a S or M skill tree and become strong attackers or defenders.

NIS America also put together a blog post explaining why some of the content will be altered. There is no English dub. Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors will only have Japanese voice acting. Motivation Scene dialogue will not appear, as there were no subtitles to translate and some consent and “power distance” issues. Some terminology has been changed to reduce “power distance” as well, with one such being “Punishment” being switched to “Motivation.” Finally, NIS America is working with the original artist to adjust some Motivation scene artwork in response to its explicit nature. The new art will still have Live 2D effects. One such example is provided on the blog.

The company explains the changes are being made before being rated due to time and budget. It also says that NIS America couldn’t release it as an unrated Adults-Only rated game, as the company has a policy of not releasing unrated or AO-rated games. This means there will be no uncensored and unrated PC release for either Criminal Girls: Invite Only or Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors, as such things would require reprogramming, rerating, and retesting.

Check out the Trailer:

“Deep RPG Character Growth – Using the brand-new skill tree, you’ll be able to guide the growth of the girls along either an S or M path using the new Coaching system. Motivate and Coach your team into defensive maestros or offensive powerhouses.

A Mystery to Uncover – This time around, one of your Reformation Candidates might not be quite what she seems. As you climb the Hell Spire, you’ll need to uncover each candidate’s sin, as well as the mystery one of them hides to help them all find trust and redemption.

A Complete PS Vita Experience – Take full advantage of the PS Vita’s touchscreen capabilities and interact with the game’s characters through multiple minigames. Each character will react to your touch with the game’s Live 2D system which makes the artwork and characters feel like they’re right there with you!”

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