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Cricket 19
Cricket 19

Cricket 19 Will Be Coming on May 28th

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Sports have always had undeniable influence on video games and at top of them you can see FIFA and NBA 2K franchises that grow their community year after year with new version including new features. In a comparison between individual sports and team-based ones, video game developers have more intention to work on team-based sports and among all the popular ones that has got their own franchises, Cricket hasn’t been forgotten, thanks to Big Ant Studios’ Cricket 19 that’s coming this month.

The developer behind Cricket 19 today officially announced that the game will be out on May 28th for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. PC version of the game has also been confirmed, though its release date is yet to be known. Cricket 19 will be available before Ashes match between Great Britain and Australia.

According to Big Ant Studios, Cricket 19 features a story-driven career mode once again to let players begin their glorious journey in the game. The next entry to the series will let you play through different new gameplay modes with fully licensed teams and tournaments for both men and women categories. Furthermore, Cricket 19 will feature more realistic graphics and animations with a deep customization system that you’ve never seen in the franchise so far.

Cricket 19 will be published by Maximum Games, while official board of England and Wales Cricket had some collaborations with the development team.

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