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Shenmue III
Shenmue III

Creator Yu Suzuki Reveals Details About Shenmue 3

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Creator Yu Suzuki Reveals Details About Shenmue III

Shenmue III creator Yu Suzuki revealed at Edge magazine some of the details that fans can expect when the game releases on August 27th.

“There are a lot of open-world games out there, but I don’t believe many, if any, are quite like Shenmue.”

He also talked about the updated combat system and how the players can interact with Shenhua, the new companion of Ryo Hazuki.

Edge’s world-exclusive look at the game yields new details on Shenmue III’s overhauled combat system, its new setting, and the people that live within it – including Shenhua, protagonist Ryo Hazuki’s new companion. We learn how the Affinity system affects how characters respond to Hazuki, only opening up to him once he’s earned their trust and respect. And we discover how Suzuki and team have leaned on two decades’ worth of progress in game design and technology (and, as you might expect, the ways in which they haven’t).

Shenmue 3 is the most-funded Kickstarter video game project of all time at 6.3 million, accumulated supporters more than 80,000. Despite the enormous fans appeal and outpouring of support on Kickstarter, Shenmue III sparked overwhelming passion and expectation in Shenmue series Chinese fans group since the initial announcement for Shenmue 3 in 2015 during E3. “I cannot thank enough for all enduring support,” As Yu Suzuki shared with audience s during the interview time, “team is pursuing best, even beyond.”

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