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Create Your Own Platformer Levels in Platform Maker Game

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Create Your Own Platformer Levels in Platform Maker Game

Anything is possible in the Platform Maker game! Place enemies, blocks, power-ups, gravity pads, traps and much more. Add your own graphics and sounds, or even use graphics from your favourite platform game. Play the Super Icon levels or those created by the community. Create or play, the choice is yours! Launching soon for PC/Steam.

Choose between Retro and Modern themes. Old school computer/console, horror, sci-fi, minimal, and so much more. Designed with the creativity and accessibility of Minecraft in mind; the base tileset, backgrounds, animations and enemies are swapped out when you select a new theme. With a range of themes included at launch, or create your own – change everything – even the sounds!

Platform Maker is a game about building your own levels and challenges. From the simplest speedrun to the trickiest of levels. Endless level features, from spikes and traps to moving platforms and turrets, can be placed at will to construct a complete level. With an extensive Undo and Redo system, intuitive controls and ease of use, creating levels is a breeze.

Switch seamlessly between Edit and Play modes. Lots of different levels will be included with Platform Maker, and more when you play the levels created by fellow Platform Makers around the world. A steady stream of new levels will also be created by Super Icon after release, working with the community to add new level features and gameplay ideas. Platform Maker will be the ultimate platformer – you will never need to own another!

Change the look of the entire game with the click of a button. Switch between the classic game systems, including NES, SNES, Gameboy, Amiga, C64, ZX Spectrum or Apple II. You can even try out your favourite Sonic, Mario, Contra, Castlevania levels or any other level graphics and make your own courses! Levels can be rated to ensure it is easy to find the best experiences.

Check out the Trailer:

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