Craft Keep VR Coming on Steam Early Access on 10th November

Scheduled for Steam Early Access on November 10 Craft Keep VR will transport players to another realm set within a fantasy world of dragons, dungeons and foul-mouthed customers, players take the role of an alchemist-blacksmith forging weapons and brewing potion and much more.

Check the Steam Early Access trailer down below:


“Utilising the HTC Vive’s Room-Scale features, the game sees the player walk around their own shop and sell items to customers. Ordering individual items of stock, players craft their own potions, swords, daggers and more. And while stepping inside the fantasy world of Craft Keep VR is enthralling, players feel the pressure, needing to fulfil orders quickly enough the customers are satisfied.

Craft Keep VR uses the Vive’s natural wireless controllers to mimic the player’s real-life movement. When the player grips the controller, their avatar grips an item. When the player crouches and makes a throwing action, their avatar crouches by a furnace and tosses a piece of iron into the fire.”

For more information about the game check its Steam website.