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Pass the Punch official logo
Pass the Punch official logo

Crackdown 3 Developer Revealed Pass The Punch as Its Next Project

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Recently, it was revealed that Sumo Digital, the team behind Crackdown 3, has come to an agreement with 2K Games for developing some projects. However, we didn’t get any clue on those titles but instead, Sumo Digital has revealed one of its next projects most recently, though it’s not one of those that are being made under the wing of 2K Games. Pass The Punch is the name for new projects.

According to Sumo Digital, Pass The Punch is inspired by morning cartoons of 80s and 90s in United States. In the game, you’re going to play as a Rush, a gym owner who is now the only hope of New Atlas for beating up King Crap and Red Velvet, two main antagonist of the story. Based on the things your character is skilled at, it will gain different abilities. The game will have four playable characters at launch including Rush, Claud, Beetle and Wizard. Here you can check out some the screenshots for Pass The Punch:

The game is set in Beat’em Up genre and will be playable in both solo and co-op modes. Pass The Punch will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC later this year.

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