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Control Will Receive Two Premium DLCs After Launch

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Remedy’s upcoming supernatural adventure will be available in final weeks of Summer and players will jump into the developers’ new IP, 3 years after Quantum Break. It’s also their first title after Max Payne 2 that won’t be Microsoft exclusive, publishing under control of 505 Games. While some solid information have been announced by the studio on the game’s purpose in both story and gameplay, we haven’t got any details on post-launch plans for Control, which revealed recently by Thomas Puha, director of communications at the Swedish studio.

Puha mentioned how focused they are right now to develop the game itself in the best way possible, not to lack any essential parts or suffer basic issues, but meanwhile the team has plans for post-launch era too, revealing two expansions and some other free contents in between which is going to cover the ideas that Remedy cannot utilize in the final product until August 27th. Puha said:

There’s going to be two expansions, and there’s going to be some content in-between the main game and the expansions. But the main concern right now is just getting Control done, make it as good as it can be. On a high level we know what the expansions are, but we’re really going to get to that once we ship the game.

We had a bunch of ideas two-or-three years ago that we can’t execute right now, of course, because there’s a million ideas for the game. Hopefully we can revisit some of those in the expansions.

I think we’ve said that the first one we’re aiming for is winter 2019, so somewhere there. I get that there’s [some] concern that people are like, ‘Oh, they’re cutting content already from the game’. No, we’re not.

In other news, Puha explained why Remedy didn’t develop a sequel for beloved Alan Wake and what avoided the studio from working on Alan Wake 2 and changing mind to a new IP and new story.

Control is set to be released on August 27th for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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