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Control Gets New Gameplay Trailer; Showcasing Weapons and Abilities

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A few days earlier, Microsoft Store accidentally leaked release date of Control and now the development team has posted a new trailer for the game, confirming the leaked date and showcasing more details of the game’s weapons and atmosphere.

Control will take you to the realm of supernatural powers and enemies. As a newcomer to the Federal Bureau of Control, you will go inside the Old House, an important office that now seems to be a home for an unknown extraterrestrial antagonist called Hiss. Your female character, Jesse Faden is the one who has infiltrated to the Old House in order to find out what causes all the unfamiliar events within the office. The following trailer, represents new areas of the game with their fascinating lighting and mysterious atmosphere. Here you can check out the video:

Along with showcasing the different corners of the Old House, we get to see some of the main character’s abilities to fight against her zombie-esque enemies. Recently, Remedy announced that Faden will only use one single gun from beginning to the end, and the new trailer clarifies the announcement by showing different modes of this single weapon that gives you a taste of deadly arsenal. Your distinct weapon is able to alter different shapes and this allows you to shoot in multiple ways with various power and damage to your opponents. Aside from the gun, Faden has got some supernatural abilities like flying in the air, throwing objects with extra-ordinary power, and hacking through your enemies’ brains to kill each other.

Control is set to be released on August 27 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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