Control Gameplay Looks Fantastic When RTX Is On

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Remedy Entertainment is going to get under scopes on most of the gaming media as we get closer to the release date for Control. The new action-adventure title from the developers of Max Payne and Alan Wake is about to hit stores later next month with a mind-blowing story that’s heavily inspired by the movies of David Lynch. The latest thing we got on the game was a gameplay demo that was playable at E3 2019, but now the same demo has been shared via Dualshockers while RTX is on throughout the trailer, which makes it worthy to watch again.

Control is one of the many upcoming titles that will support Nvidia’s RTX technology to bring more realistic reflections on objects, which really makes the game to look stunning while you’re playing. The trailer below showcases 26 minutes of gameplay in different locations. From other-worldly area filled with cubic objects that bring some platforming challenges, to a power-station that uses the RTX capability to show-off how great is the graphics for Control.

Control is the seventh project for Remedy Entertainment and their first title after so many years of making exclusive games for Microsoft. The game will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 27. PC version will be exclusive to Epic Games Store.

In other news, there were some rumors recently pointing out the possibility for Remedy getting acquired by Sony to make exclusive titles for PS5. While no confirmation has come out yet for the rumor, it doesn’t seem surprising as Sony has announced that they will be looking for buying out new studios in the future and Remedy looks to be a professional choice, regarding the IPs it has.

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