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Concept NYX By AlienWare Confirmed Featured Image
Concept NYX By AlienWare Confirmed Featured Image

Concept NYX By AlienWare Confirmed

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Today, the gaming software company Alienware has fans raving. In a statement made earlier this week, the company has announced the development of new software. The software aims to tackle one of the biggest issues plaguing gaming households today: internet connection drops when multiple devices are online. Alienware aims to ease the pain and allow for parents to rest in peace and not have to hear their children fight over why they are losing in Fortnite and dying from “Lag.”

Concept NYX Details:

The gaming PC producer explains what they want out of the project. To allow players to simultaneously and easily access their full library of games and play on any playable device they own. The concept would also allow players to switch screens effortlessly even during gameplay. Imagine a world where you can be playing a game on PC, then without a second thought, hand it off to your roommate on the living room TV without missing precious game time.

This may sound a little futuristic, even for the age we currently live in. However, the gaming giant was kind enough to share some insight as to how they plan to accomplish this. Primarily, they will be looking at how game processing at the high-performance level can be shared equally across local networks at home. They claim that Concept Nyx will take advantage of the processing being done locally.

The advantage of it being done locally stems from the low network congestion. Since it is a private network and not public, the lower latency would allow for greater bandwidth and quicker response times, which would solve a majority of issues that gamers face when switching games or screens.

Keep in mind that Concept Nyx is currently very much still in the early stages of its inception. Though, this new version of the world of gaming does not seem too far off.

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