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Conan Exiles First Gameplay Trailer

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Conan Exiles First Gameplay Trailer

The upcoming survival open-world MMO, Conan Exiles, by development team Funcom, has its first gameplay trailer released online. This small snippet of footage shows the gritty and harsh world players will endure, though you’ll want to take note that this is very much a pre-alpha build of the game.

Within Conan Exiles, players are a barbarian that has been cast out into the wasteland. It’s up to you in order to survive, build, and dominate, although the harsh environment and other threats that lurk about will make it a tough journey.

As mentioned earlier, the first gameplay trailer was shown off though it did not state when the game will be officially launching. Instead, we know that the Early Access for the game will be arriving sometime this summer with a full launch of PC and consoles has yet to be determined.

Check out the Trailer:

“There aren’t any classes in the game. Players will be able to fight with any weapon they choose, focusing on freedom of gameplay as befits a survival game. That said, players will be able to align themselves to different gods, such as Mitra, Derketo, and Set.”

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