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Close to the Sun
Close to the Sun

Close to the Sun New Trailer Reveals Release Date

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Finding indie games that looks to be successful at launch isn’t a very tough deal, but searching for an indie game with gorgeous realistic graphics which is set in 19th century, may follow a few results in which Close to the Sun will be definitely singled out for your attention. Storm in a Teacup, the studio behind the game, has utilized the unlimited power within Unreal Engine 4 to bring you a good-looking world with eye-catching lighting but it is not going to be your dream location, as the game is set in the horror-adventure genre.

Close to the Sun will put you in a journalist’s shoes who’s looking for her missing young sister and this mysterious journey leads her to the biggest invention of the world by Nikola Tesla, Helios. A great machine that is described as future of researching for scientists, allowing them to do things beyond the control of time and space. The sci-fi start of the game, bleeds into horror genre, shortly after you get closer to Helios and see a human-free place with lots of corpses all around the building. Here you can watch the latest trailer of the game ahead of release:

Close to the Sun will be coming on PC first as an Epic Games Store exclusive title. It will be launch on May 2nd for PC, with the console versions having no release date so far. Manager Director at Weird Productions, Leo Zullo has also commented on the announcement of release date, pointing to their partnering with Epic Games in bringing the game for the players. He said:

May 2 can’t come quick enough for us. Our partnership with the amazing team at Epic Games has not only accelerated the development process of Close to the Sun in terms of accessing the sheer pixel-pushing grunt of Unreal Engine 4, but allowed the incredibly talented Storm in a Teacup team to showcase their collective talents to deliver a truly memorable and breath-taking first-person horror adventure.

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