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Close to the Sun
Close to the Sun

Close to the Sun Gets New Gorgeous Screenshots; Another Epic Games Store Exclusive

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Indie games normally do not use to have stunning graphics but thanks to the power within Unreal Engine 4, Storm in a Teacup studio is now able to develop its upcoming historical-horror game, featuring eye-catching visuals and high-quality textures. Story of Close to the Sun is a mixture of truly existing people in 19th century with sci-fi events that leads the humanity to access the control of things that they’d never think of.

The game follows an invention by Nikola Tesla, called Helios. A revolutionary patent that pushes the boundaries of matter and time for the scientists, providing them “an unbound utopia for research, independent from state and isolated from the gaze of society.” but during this first person puzzle adventure, you won’t play as Tesla or any other famous scientist. The main protagonist is a female journalist who breaks into Helios to find her sister Ada. You can check out the latest screenshots down below:

Close to the Sun

Close to the Sun

According to the new screenshots, Close to the Sun seems to feature gorgeous setting design with fascinating lighting that provides great locations to roam around and feel the psychological horror of the game. While at firs the game was developing by Unity, Storm in a Teacup admits that replacing game engine and using Unreal Engine 4, gave them much more possibilities than before.

Close to the Sun is set to be released on an unknown date in 2019 and it will hit current-gen consoles. Along with the new screenshots, it has also announced that PC version of the game will be Epic Games Store exclusive, joining to the recent wave of games that accepted the same contract for one year. CEO of the Storm in a Teacup Carlo Ivo Alimo Bianchi said:

Our relationship with Epic and the decision to use Unreal Engine have provided fantastic opportunities for our studio, enabling a greater creative freedom and the ability to double-down on quality for our games. To launch on the Epic Games store feels like the perfect next step and we are delighted that our partnerships with both Wired Productions and Epic Games will help propel Close to the Sun to achieve our ambitions.

Managing Director at Wired Productions, publisher of Close to the Sun, has also praised the opportunity that Epic Games Store has provided for indie game developers and pointed out:

Great games need great developers, who need great tech, who need great publishers, who need great distribution opportunities.

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