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Clockwork Giants announces off-the-rails third-person shooter Introspect

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Clockwork Giants announces off-the-rails third-person shooter Introspect

Clockwork Giants announced today its first game, Introspect, an explosive love-letter to the video game boss fight, full of high mobility shootouts against massive machines of war. This uncustomary third-person shooter demands that players use all three dimensions to survive and progress, fusing precision with motion. Be ready to weave between the legs of a giant spider tank and avoid flailing metal tentacles when the game releases on PC in 2019.

“We’re trying to explore movement as a core system in a third person shooter game,” says Simon Jiang, Director, Clockwork Giants. “The player should feel like an underdog, relying on speed to take down a much larger foe.”

Avoidance is the key to emerging victorious against the colossal mechs, which can be achieved by rocket sliding, power jumping and grappling to safety. These actions can be chained together to create flowing, non-stop motion. Exploit weak points on bosses using a hovering weapon drone to rend their components and acquire new drones upon their defeat.

Check out the Trailers:

For those who wish to understand the reasons why these events are taking place, the narrative will have to be pieced together using clues found inside and outside of Introspect’s world. It’s not a story told in the traditional sense, it’s one that will have to be sought out by the curious. With that in mind, here’s the first clue to unlocking the tragedy of Introspect:

With technology advancing at an astounding rate, new industries have formed to fulfill new demands. Automated services have permeated across the world, quickly finding applications in the military. None found greater success and renown than APCI, responsible for producing and distributing Protective Combat Units to several nation states. It benefited from a world at war, but an unfortunate conclusion to the conflict saw it fade into history.

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