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A survival from Chrenobylite
A survival from Chrenobylite

Chernobylite Looks Haunting in New Lengthy Gameplay Footage

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Not as big as the two World Wars, but Chernobyl was one of the world’s most terrifying incidents that caused a large amount of people to die at once and a lot of them to suffer from cancer for the rest of their lives. Although we’ve seen and heard more about world wars, but Chernobyl is a less known part of history for most of us. The incident became a trend recently thanks to the Chernobyl series that broadcasted from HBO, but in the medium of video games, Chernobylite is a new first-person survival game from a talented team with an obvious potential to become a memorable game based on a true event.

In Chernobylite, you are a survivalist who wants to escape from the polluted area of Chrenobyl with your team-mates but things are not as easy as they seem to be. Aside from some supernatural events and scary creatures, you have to make your way through heavily guarded outposts and paths, where being seen by the enemies is equal to death.

The new gameplay footage from Chernobylite is mostly focused on the game’s stealth elements and taking down the enemies in silence. Along your journey, you should have an accurate management on your resources and supplies in order to make it out alive. Your team-mates might die in any dangerous moment which will encounter you with tough situations. Unfortunately, the new trailer doesn’t contain any action scene that we could have glimpse on the game’s gunplay.

Chernobylite is currently under development by the team behind World War 3 and Get Even. It will be launched on Steam and no exact release date has been confirmed for the game yet.

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Source: DSOGaming

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