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Chernobylite Launches in Early Access Phase on October 16

The Farm 51, the team behind World War 3 and Get Even, is currently working on a brand new first-person action experience based on the chaotic disaster of Chernobyl. Confirmed only for PC, Chernobylite will be coming on Steam in Early Access phase on October 16, according to the newly shared trailer by the developer.

Chernobylite features both story-driven campaign mode and competitive PvP multiplayer part. The game is set soon after Chernobyl chaos. You are tasked to run away and survive the haunting area of the disaster, while heavily armed guards are securing the area and avoiding anyone to leave or enter the forbidden district. Moreover, you will be encountering some strange and mutated creatures in the woods around huge facilities.

Generally, Chernobylite is a first-person shooter game, but at the same time, it is using stealth elements while features a horrifying atmosphere. Throughout the game’s latest gameplay footage, we got to see some stealth mechanics along with its companion-recruiting system that allows you to have AI co-operatives while their lives depend on your decisions.

The new trailer which reveals the addition of Chernobylite to Steam’s Early Access titles, also explains which parts of the game will be playable before its full launch. The development team has provided over 8 hours of gameplay in campaign mode with 12 replayable missions in 3 different maps. Moreover, the early access version also includes PvP multiplayer mode, while most of the upgrading and skill systems will be available as well.

Currently, there is no deadline for Chernobylite’s early access phase and it probably depends on the feedback that the development team gets from players. Personally, I think the game seems promising enough to gather a considerable community at launch.

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