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CES 2019: AMD Announces The First 7NN GPU – Radeon VII

CES 2019: AMD Announces The First 7NN GPU – Radeon VII

AMD has just announced the first 7nm GPU for gamers, the Radeon VII, it will start shipping on February 7th this year, with a launching price of $699, it features a 7nm Technology Process, 3840 Stream Processors, 16 GB Memory, 1 TB/s Memory Bandwidth, AMD FreeSync2 HDR Technology. At this price range it competes with Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080

It’s new architecture it’s a huge advance over the previous generation of AMD’s gpu, and will be able to handle 4k rendering at high FPS, it also features a low power consumption will let users to overclock the card to push performance even higher, but there is one thing missing, Ray Tracing technology.

Check this video down below:

Read below what AMD CEO Lisa su and CTO Mark Papermaster said to the attending press:

“Our vision on gaming is very broad. We think about it across PCs, consoles, cloud and how we deliver content into all those pieces,” said AMD CEO Lisa Su in a conversation with journalists at CES. “I think ray tracing is an important technology, it’s something we’re working on as well from both a hardware and software standpoint. I think the important thing though — and that’s why we talk so much about the development community — is that technology for technology’s sake is okay, but technology done together with partners and really getting the development community fully engaged is really important.”

“Why we’re so excited with Radeon VII is it brings a phenomenal performance boost to gamers without any software modification required by our gaming developer partners,” said AMD CTO Mark Papermaster in an interview with Engadget. “What we try and do at AMD is being focused on delivering that value in an ecosystem that can be readily accepted…. Ray tracing is something that we believe the whole industry has to move to, there’s no question. But it has to go through that whole development cycle.”

Read the full article at – Engadget.

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