Celosia – Hard Time Attack Speed Slaying Guide

Celosia – Hard Time Attack Speed Slaying Guide

Celosia can be either a super quick fight, or a super annoying fight. It can be an easy fight because she dies fast; it can be an annoying fight due to her constant moving and shaking. Right off the bat, you want to head to the right side and jump on top of the pillar: wait for Celosia to charge you. When she charges you, a small cut scene will play, showing a wooden stick falling off after she hits the pillar. When you regain control of Wander, run up to the stick and grab it with R2 and hope to god you don’t get bull rushed by Celosia. Once you grab the stick, run forward to the next pillar. Climb up to the top of it and light your stick on fire by pressing R2.

After that, jump down and get in front of Celosia. Don’t get too close or she will maul you in the face and knock you to the ground, causing you to lose time and health. Press R2 to wave the torch toward her face. Keep walking slowly toward her and lead her to the cliff, where then she will fall down. When she falls, jump from the cliff and aim yourself on top of her. Hold R2 to grab on to the fur and then start stabbing her vital point until she dies. This is where it gets tricky. Sometimes you can get a really good spot where she can’t shake you off, and sometimes you will never be able to hit her. If the case is latter, you want to get back upstairs and grab the torch again and repeat the same process and make her fall down again to land more stabs. Rinse and repeat until she dies, or pray for the best and hope it goes well for you in one go. That’s Celosia for you in a nutshell.

Please refer to the full commentary video guide down below if you’re having difficulties or if you just simply prefer a visual guide instead.

Video Guide

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