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Capcom Reportedly Forced Employees To Work On-Site

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Capcom reportedly forced their staff to continue working on the offices of the software giant due to fears of another massive leak.

In February 2021, the Japanese magazine, Business Journal was told by a whistle-blower that following last year’s ransomware attack, Capcom’s management was too scared to have their sensitive data away from their servers, something that could expose further damages to customers and the future of the company.

Businesswise, Capcom’s decision is somewhat understandable, now, ethically speaking, the company exposed the workers, their families, and the whole community of Osaka.

A senior executive at Capcom reportedly explained to the staff the business decision in an internal email.

Last year, there was a serious damage caused by ransomware. This incident has caused a rapid increase in attacks on our system, and even at this point, no countermeasures have been taken until it can be said that the external line such as VPN is safe. The current countermeasure is to monitor 24 hours a day and immediately respond to suspicious behavior of the network.

In view of this situation, we decided that we had to temporarily abandon the use of the remote system, which we had been preparing for verification by many people, and have to go to work.

Is important to mention that Japan decided to isolate 70% of Japan of its population at home, with some industries given a green light to continue their operations as part of the 30%.

In response to the reports from Business Journal, a Capcom spokesperson told the outlet that it had implemented several measures to ensure the safety of the employees by enforcing social distancing, mask use, temperature checks, and a relaxed work schedule.

Business Journal confirms that Capcom’s action did not violate Japan’s Labor Standards Act, but some employees reported that workers who refused to go back to the office faced employment restrictions or were removed from its duties, the whistle-blower affirms that Capcom tried to forced the employees to decide to retire from the company.

Source: Business Journal

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