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Capcom Launches Timer Counting Down To... Something...
Capcom Launches Timer Counting Down To... Something...

Capcom Launches Timer Counting Down To… Something…

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Capcom has launched a new website that is slowly counting down to something occurring later this week. Currently, the countdown, which is delayed on a teaser website, is displaying 6 days and multiple hours, meaning that the timer will ultimately reach zero on Sunday at 10 p.m. PT and 1 a.m. ET, and 6 a.m. GMT on Monday.

This has led the fans of two particular Capcom Game franchises, Street Fighter and Resident Evil, to become very excited. Both franchises have games in the works currently, with Street Fighter 6 rumored to be coming later this year, though rumors involving Resident Evil 4 Remake also having come out recently as well.

However, the timing of this timer would suggest it will be the next in the long line of fighting games. The date the time will end coincides with the conclusion of Capcom’s Pro Tour Season Final 2021, which will begin on Thursday, February 17. This would suggest we are counting down to a major fighting game announcement, and since Street Fighter V has released its final DLC and Street Fighter 6 verified to be Q3 2022, this seems the most likely scenario.

A converse argument, from Resident Evil fans, look at the black background a white font of the timer which might fit more with a horror franchise. Last year we learned that Resident Evil Village would receive story DLC which this could be hinting at, along with the possible first look at a Resident Evil 4 Remake. It seems more likely that the timer is leaning in the other direction but only time will tell.

In recent news involving Capcom, PIF, Saudia Arabia’s Public Investment Fund has acquired a minor stake of roughly 5%. This investment fund is headed by current crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, and has also acquired stakes in Activision Blizzard, EA, Take-Two, and Nexon.

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