Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V Showcases Final Character

With the next generation of consoles available it was only a matter of time til Street Fighter V would wind down to make way for Street Fighter VI. To that end, Capcom has showcased the final fighter, number 45 overall, that will be releasing to the game as part of either the Character Pass or the Premium Pass.

As announced by Director Takayuki Nakayama as part of the Street Fighter V Summer Update 2021, Luke will be a brand new character to the series and is being billed as a “key” to the future of the series. The character will specialize in swift movements as well as hard-hitting blows.

As the official Twitter post for the character stated, he is considered “a key player in the future of Street Fighter.” Capcom went on to add in a press release that he would “help expand the world of Street Fighter and provide fans with a glimpse into the future”.

While he is intended to release as the last character of the 5th season, he is not the next character to be released for the game. Oro, a wandering hermit that first appeared in Street Fighter III, and Akira Kazama, from Capcom’s Rival Schools franchise, are both set to arrive at the game on August 16th.

This was not the only major news revealed for Street Fighter either. Street Fighter staples Cammy and Guile are set to appear in the ever-growing roster of characters in Fortnite. This comes right after the announcement that Ariana Grande will also be joining the game. So… I guess if you ever wondered what it might be like if Cammy got hired to take down Ariana Grande by any means necessary, the world has finally lined up for you.

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