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Capcom Looking to Transition to Games as a Service

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Capcom Looking to Transition to Games as a Service

Capcom got a new business plan for the future and apparently its gonna be called “games as a service (GaaS)”, Capcom doesn’t want us (the customers) buy the game, finishing it, and then putting it back on the package and never touch it again, or sell it.

If this is going to be Capcom business model moving forward, it means that gamer’s will be expected to fork cash on the main game plus season pass, and virtual currency for cosmetic customization, or maybe even loot boxes and annual passes for extra content.

It looks like Capcom will try to follow on business models that are being employed by EA, Activision, Epic Games and many other publishers, we can only hope that this doesn’t affect current games, like Monster Hunter World or Devil May Cry 5.

“The document details a Capcom’s Growth Strategy, aimed at increasing the user base for its games over both the medium and long-term. In short, Capcom doesn’t want its customers buying a game, finishing it, and then putting it back on the shelf or trading it in

To mitigate earnings volatility risks over the medium-to-long term, measures enabling sustainable growth must include (1) transforming the foundation of our Consumer business model from a traditional one-time sale “transactional model” to a continuous “recurring revenue model” and (2) creating a business portfolio and diversifying earnings risks by thoroughly leveraging Capcom’s basic strategy, Single Content Multiple Usage,” explains the documentation.

It’s unlikely we’ll be able to see this change take immediate effect, with both Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5 set to utilise traditional business models. Looking further afield though, there’s the possibility Capcom begins rolling out GaaS titles in force from late 2019 onwards.”

Full Article At – Game-debate

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