Caligula Second Trailer – PS Vita


Caligula Second Trailer – PS Vita

FuRyu and Aquria have today revealed the second trailer for their upcoming JRPG Caligula which launches in Japan in June 23.

Caligula is set in the virtual reality world of “Mobius,” created by the vocal software “μ,” where nine men and women aim to return to the real world. It features director Takuya Yamanaka, writer Tadashi Satomi (Persona and Persona 2), character designer Oguchi, and composer Tsukasa Mako.

The protagonists are locked up in Mobius, a virtual reality world in which all human beings become an ideal high school student and spend their days repeating high school life. Everyone within Mobius has forgotten the real world. For different reasons, each of the protagonists realize that Mobius is not the real world and form a “Going Home Club” with the desire to return home, and start looking for a way back. However, there are some members who suffered in reality and sought salvation in Mobius, and carry a darkness that can not be shared with the others.

Check out the Trailer:

“By forming friendships with students, you’ll unlock the “Causality Linker” correlation graph within Mobius. At first glance, it may seem that student friendships are unlikely, but you’ll connect in surprising places, and something big might be stirring up in locations unnoticed by the Going Home Club.”

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