Borderlands 3 "Bloody Harvest"

Borderlands 3 – Bloody Harvest Event Trailer, Details

Gearbox has revealed the release date for the Borderlands 3 Halloween event, “Bloody Harvest,” along with a trailer showing players what they can expect from the update.

Borderlands 3’s spectacular spookfest goes live October 24, and looks to be a bloody good time for all. Available as a free update, “Bloody Harvest” pits players against new enemies both strong and mundane, including a skeletal boss named Captain Haunt, who awaits gamers brave enough to venture deep within the depths of Heck. Those who take part in the event may earn many fun rewards, including new skins for each Vault Hunter, a legendary weapon, and more.

Players who have advanced far enough in the game’s storyline can participate in “Bloody Harvest” by speaking with a new NPC, Maurice, aboard their ships. This friendly saurian offers a repeatable mission gamers must complete to reach Heck, collecting Hecktoplasm from Haunted enemies throughout the galaxy. Haunted enemies glow a ghostly green color, making them easily identifiable for the slaughter. Collecting enough Hecktoplasm for Maurice opens a portal to Heck, through which players may travel.

Within the bowels of Heck players will find undead armies, fire-breathing Rakk-o-Lanterns, and more terrifying enemies, culminating in Captain Haunt himself. The denizens of Heck all drop gear available only during the “Bloody Harvest” event, including a legendary shotgun called “Fearmonger,” and “anointed” weapons which play off the new Terror mechanic. Haunted enemies may inflict a Terror debuff, affecting aim and vision, and these “anointed” weapons allow gamers to turn Terror into a boost of power.

The new Vault Hunter skins won’t drop in Heck, but instead are available through completing a set of challenges unique to “Bloody Harvest.” These skins, along with the other unique gear drops available during the event, are highlighted in a newly-released trailer from Gearbox, and viewable below.

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