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Bluepoint Unannounced PS5 Game To Push Boundaries

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According to Bluepoint Games’ Chief Technology Officer, Peter Dalton, the studio is working on a new unannounced project that will “ push the bounds of what Bluepoint Games is capable of.”

The new project has been in development since November 2019, a year before the Demon’s Souls remake was released. Nothing more has been revealed about the new game.

Bluepoint Games has been critically acclaimed for developing AAA quality remasters and remakes for PlayStation. The studio successfully remastered Ico and Shadow of the Colossus for PS3 and then for PS4. The same studio also remastered the Metal Gear Solid and Uncharted games.

It has been heavily rumored that Bluepoint Games could actually be developing a Silent Hill Remake or the highly-anticipated Metal Gear Solid Remake. With other alleged insiders claiming that Sony was close to acquiring Bluepoint Games.

Throughout 2020, several informants have claimed to know that a reboot of Silent Hill is in the works, Konami has allegedly reached to several developers to produce an episodic game and a reimagination of the original game, the latter was rumored to be in development by Kojima Productions.

AestheticGamer, a well-renowned leaker has also been constantly affirming that Konami and Hideo Kojima had an agreement, Sony would be covering the funding of the game and will keep the game as an exclusive title for the PlayStation 5.

Other leakers are also affirming that Metal Gear Solid is also getting a new remake, Bluepoint Games is rumored to be working on the project for the last three years on the game and it’s ready to be showcased on a demo in the upcoming Games Awards where Geoff Keighley will reveal the highly anticipated game. It’s also rumored that Mark Cerny has been directly involved with the game’s development, the game will be a showcase of the real potential of the PS5.

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